Prison To The Premiership

In this final episode of the series Jamie is joined by Carl Brown, Jimmy Walker and Uben Gray who share with us some memorable times with the incomparable Jamie Lawrence. Hosted by Michael Adams and Otis Roberts.
In this episode, Jamie and the boys are joined by Isaiah Rankin, a team mate of Jamie’s at 3 different clubs and one of Jamie’s closest friends. They both reminisce on the journey they’ve been on together and what was to be final curtain of Jamie’s pro career.
Jamie now has a few years behind him as a pro and is pursued by Walsall who he decides to join. A move which brought him together, with this episodes guests, Paul Merson, Vinny Samways and Jimmy Walker. The lads share some highly amusing moments.
Now with a growing professional reputation as a footballer, Jamie comes to the attention of Jamaica, the place of his parents birth and his international career is born. Flex and the boys are joined by former international team mates, Ricardo Fuller and Micah Hyde and Winston Clarke, a prominent figure in Jamaican football.
Jamie’s footballing talent and determination, coupled with having some good people around him, comes good. And he is on his way to the Premiership. Paul Jewel, Jamie’s former manager at Bradford City and Jimmy Walker, a former team mate share their recollections of this colourful character.
Jamie gets to grips with the ultimate reward of a criminal life as he becomes a guest of ‘Her Majesty’s Prisons’. To share some of the stories during this challenging period of Jamie’s life, the boys are joined by Luton and Simmo, former cell mates. Eddie and Dale, a prison officer and football manager, respectively.
In this first episode, of ‘Prison To The Premiership, Jamie takes us back to his early days in South London and the devastation when his parents returned to Jamaica. He is joined by his life long friend, Speller and the regular hosts, Flex, Otis and Michael.