You Are Not Alone (YANA)

In this final episode of the first series, the team talk about what they’ve learnt and what they are going take forward in what will be a ‘new norm’. It’s is well and truly unchartered waters.
This work we chat with several multi-agency professionals about the amazing work they do and how they’ve had to adjust and innovate in light of COVID-19.  
In this special edition we are joined by SEN colleagues in France, Germany and Grenada and take a look at what has been happening in those countries compared to our practices here in the United Kingdom. 
This week the team take a deeper look into the roles they perform as Educationalists and how that might look when things eventually settle down into whatever the ‘new norm’ will be following the untimely intervention of COVID-19. 
In this episode the team are joined by several families from both Brent and the Island of Grenada. We hear first hand, the challenges that these families are experiencing and exchange ideas, best practice and strategies as we all work towards a new norm. 
Keisha Philips, Coordinator of the Jason Roberts Foundation SEN Programmes in the Caribbean Island of Grenada shares with the team what is currently happening in Grenada within the SEN community prior to and during COVID-19. The team in turn offer guidance and best practice as a means of tackling the challenges Keisha faces.
Social distancing is now taking centre stage in our interactions with others, but how is it impacting the SEN community? What challenges does it present? The team discuss and share their coping strategies. Also in this episode, the team discuss the use of ‘Social Stories’ as an effective tool in these unprecedented times.
With more than 300 years of combined experience, this first podcast in the series introduces some of the most active entities delivering solutions to and supporting the special educational needs community in Brent and beyond. This is an opportunity to learn about some of the great work that is already taking place and their strategies...